Writing Cyrus Field's Big Dream

Heart's Content Cable Station sign
When I visited Heart's Content Cable Station Provincial Historic Site in New foundland, I learned about Cyrus Field. What a man he was! And what an ambitious project he undertook! I was so fascinated, I had to tell his story.
First, I read all the books I could find about Cyrus and the first transatlantic cable, and I conducted research online. Holding an armful of library books   researching on the computer
Getting help from a reference librarian, Bates College

I had a lot of help from reference librarians at Bates College, accessing digitized historic journals and newspaper articles.
Family members helped me try to make a mirror galvanometer, which was a device that helped the cable effort tremendously. A physicist I am NOT!!! a makeshift mirror galvanometer
Stockbridge, MA, Library, Museum and Archives
Research trips are fun! In western Massachusetts, where Cyrus Field grew up, I pored through lots of historical documents at the Stockbridge Library, Museum and Archives.
And I enjoyed hiking and taking pictures in the woods along the Housatonic River, where Cyrus spent many hours during his childhood. Hiking in the woods around Stockbridge, MA


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