As a young boy, my father lived in our familyís lumber camp in northern New Hampshire. Trouble in Nathanís Woods is a mystery novel based on Dadís memories and my Grandfather Mortonís pictures. It takes place in 1917 and 1918.

Here is ďNathanĒ with his horse, named Lucky. 
Logging is hard and dangerous work. After woodsmen chop down trees, horses pull the logs to landings in the woods.

A steam log hauler operates all winter long,
pulling logs from the landings to the sawmill. 
During the summer, the lumber campís sawmill crew saws logs into lumber.
One of the teamsters is ready to drive a load of lumber to the railroad station. The lumbermen live and eat in the large bunkhouse.

The First World War is going on and it plays a large part in the story. The government placed recruiting posters in public places. This one scares Nathan.
  Where is Lucky going?

The woods can be dark and scary, and it is easy to lose your way. Nathan and his friend, Orey, spend one frightening afternoon lost in the deep woods.
Sawmills are full of sawdust, and they can easily catch fire. 

Nathan is terrified when the sawmill burns. 
     All that is left is rubble and ashes.
Can the lumber camp be saved?

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