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Cobblestone  (May-June 2021) Two articles: "A Missouri Boy" - "From Missouri to D.C." [Harry S. Truman]
Cobblestone  (Feb 2020) Two articles: "Fannie Farmer: Mother of Level Measurements" - "Famous Food Inventions"
Cobblestone (Sept 2019) Two articles: "Timber!" - "From Fish to Furs"
Cobblestone (Nov-Dec 2018) Two articles: "Young John Muir" - "John and Louie"
Cobblestone (Sept 2018) Three articles: "Famous Physician" - "Free Medical Advice" - "Father of American Psychiatry" [Benjamin Rush]
Faces (Nov-Dec 2017) "Let's Visit an Amphitheater"
Dig Into History (March 2016) "Ransom for a King" [Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Richard I]
Dig Into History (July-Aug 2015) Two articles: "A Symbol of Power" [horses throughout history] - "White Horse Hill"
Cobblestone (April 2011) "Seeing Is Believing" [photo essay about Lewis Hine] - (reprint from Cobblestone, Oct 1992).
Cobblestone (April 2009) Four articles: "Call of the Arctic" - "Peary vs. Cook"  - "Forward, MARCH!" - "Field Day on the Ice"
Cobblestone (Dec 2006) "A Passion for Horses" [Ulysses S. Grant] (reprint of Oct 1995 article)
Faces (Nov 2005) "It's a Big, BIG World" [huge revolving globe]
Cobblestone (Sept 2005) "Wilderness War Time Line" [French and Indian War] (adapted from article, Apr 1991)
Faces (Sept 2005) "Working the Woods" [New England's Forest Industry]
Cobblestone (Jan 2005) "To Show the World" [Industrial expositions]
Highlights (Dec 2004) "Destination: The Arctic" Copyright © Highlights for Children, Inc., Columbus, Ohio. All rights reserved. Used by permission.(reprinted by Educational Testing Service)
AppleSeeds (Oct 2003) "A Walk in the Woods" [tree identification photo essay] (reprinted by Houghton-Mifflin, "Experience Science," for grades 2-3)
Highlights (Aug 2003) "Bringin' In the Drive" [log drive] Copyright © Highlights for Children, Inc., Columbus, Ohio. All rights reserved. Used by permission. (reprinted in Texas Logger and in several assessment and testing services).
Calliope (May 2003) "Legacy of a Queen" [Queen Victoria]
Calliope (March 2001) "A World Turned Upside Down: How the Black Death Affected Europe" (reprinted in McDougal Littell's Literature, 2008 edition)
Cobblestone (Feb 2001) "Tough Beginnings: The Early Years of Ida B. Wells"
Calliope (Dec 2000) "Minoan Art: An Ancient Triumph"
Calliope (April 2000) "From Past to Present: Magna Carta Today"
Highlights (March 2000) "An Ancient Disk's Secret Message" [Phaistos disk, Crete] Copyright © Highlights for Children, Inc., Columbus, Ohio. All rights reserved. Used by permission. 
Calliope (May 1999) "I Will Become A Monk" [Martin Luther]
Faces (May 1999) "Spring Camp at Grise Fiord" [Nunavut, Canada]
AppleSeeds (March 1999) "Let's Take A Hike" [photo essay - Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, Maine]
Calliope (March 1999) "Charlemagne's Legacy"
Cobblestone (Jan 1997) "High-Flying Facts: Landmark Moments in the History of the American Flag"
Cobblestone (Oct 1995) "A Passion for Horses" [Ulysses S. Grant's boyhood] (purchased by New York State Department of Education for field test booklet)
Cobblestone (Oct 1992) "Seeing Was Believing" [photo essay about Lewis Hine] (reprinted in a Japanese high school textbook)
Pioneer (March 1992) "The Chinook Trail" [Chinook sled dogs]
Cobblestone (April 1991) "Wilderness War" [French and Indian War]
Jack and Jill (Dec 1990) "A Rare Dog to the Rescue" [Chinook dogs at the South Pole]
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