Sail Along with me aboard the Schooner Bowdoin!

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It was a rainy day along the coast of Maine when this photo was taken of me at the wheel..
Author at wheel of Schooner Bowdoin
Schooner Bowdoin
Enjoy a balmy day in the Gulf of Maine aboard the Schooner Bowdoin!
Ice Barrel on Schooner Bowdoin


Schooner Bowdoin Forecastle

Arctic Explorer Donald MacMillan climbed into the ice barrel at the cross-trees of the foremast to watch for ice and sea conditions. Sometimes other crew members did too.
The forecastle, or foícísle, in the Schooner Bowdoin is a combined living room, dining room, kitchen, classroom, and bedroom. Meals are prepared and eaten here. Today we are cooking fish chowder and coffee. On a ship as small as the Bowdoin, sleeping quarters are crowded. Notice bunks on both sides of the galley. The two long benches you see are the dining chairs! Table leaves will be raised up when the meal is ready. It will then be too crowded to walk through to the bow of the ship.

Since 1988, the Schooner Bowdoin has belonged to Maine Maritime Academy, in Castine, Maine. Here the schooner is docked, waiting for a student cruise to begin. Notice the white ice barrel atop the foremast. 
All aboard!
Schooner Bowdoin docked at Maine Maritime Academy
Schooner under sail
    Godspeed, Bowdoin!


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