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For Teachers:

    About Captain Mac
Suggested Ages / Grades
Age 10 (Grade 5) and up.  "A Fabulous Class/Team Read"   -   "...ideal for either school reports or pleasure reading." 
Enrichment Activities
Take a field trip or enjoy a web visit to the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. 

MacMillan's schooner, Bowdoin, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989 and is Maine's official state vessel.

Search online for "Schooner Bowdoin." There are many other sites, including:
http://bowdoin.mma.edu/, Maine Memory Network, Bowdoin College, and the Schooner Bowdoin Facebook page.

Read about MacMillan in Maine: An Encyclopedia.

Enjoy this article by Capt. G. Andy Chase of Maine Maritime Academy, honoring Schooner Bowdoin's 100th birthday!

Check for Donald B.MacMillan in National Geographic. Many libraries have back issues or CDs of the magazine.

Read about Labrador's first snowmobile, which MacMillan took to Labrador in 1927, was found buried under snow a few years ago, and is now restored. 

Download one or more of my PDFs: a map of MacMillan's world, Timeline of MacMillan's Life, a word search puzzle, an Arctic-Antarctic activity, a page of brainstorming ideas from a middle school teachers' conference.

Curriculum Connections
Captain Mac will meet STEM requirements and curriculum standards in the following areas:
      Language Arts, Science and Technology, History, Geography, World Languages, Mathematics. 
Click here to download a PDF of this curriculum chart.
Content Areas
Categories / Activities
    Language Arts READING:   biography of a notable American
WRITING:   book reports, journals, letters
RESEARCH:   resource notes, selected bibliography
     Science and Technology


Development of scientific research in 20th century
Compare MacMillan's scientific research with today's methods
Pioneering use of radio and aircraft in the Arctic
Use of photography
Compare the North Pole with the South Pole
Naval architecture
PHYSICAL SCIENCE:  geology, weather, climate change, ice, magnetic poles, ionosphere
LIFE SCIENCE:  ecosystems, Arctic plants, animals, birds, taxidermy
     Social Studies: History Chronology 1874-1970
World Wars I and II
Arctic explorers and exploration 
Civil rights
     Social Studies: Geography North America and Greenland
The North Pole
Mapping coastlines
Oceans and land masses
     World Languages Compare and contrast cultural practices and perspectives with our own
     (Inuit, Inughuit, Naskapi Innu)
    Mathematics Recording and analyzing data


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